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Debunking Beauty Myths

Debunking Beauty Myths

These 4 Misconceptions Can Damage Your Looks

So many beauty myths are swirling around out there. From permanently shrinking your pores (you can’t) to products that get rid of split ends (nope, that’s what haircuts are for); there are a lot of misconceptions to sort through. However, no myths are quite as pervasive as the following four.

Myth #1 – "Your skin and hair get used to products, so they stop working."

Beauty products are simply formulas and their composition is unchanging. What does Variation in the seasons, humidity levels, your age, activity levels, and even your diet can dramatically affect how your skin and hair look.

But when controlled for these factors, your products will perform the same. Do what you can by staying active and eating well, and anticipate responding to the summer heat by switching to a lighter-weight moisturizer. And while we might not be able to actually stop the aging process, there’s no reason why you can’t still find ways to look amazing at any age.

(And check out Myth #4 for some insight on the damage that your product swapping is doing...)

Myth #2 – "Makeup is bad for your skin."

Jane Iredale® mineral-based makeup

We’ve all heard it before “makeup makes you break out.” But makeup itself, especially a mineral-based one, merely sits on top of your skin. The problem really comes when you don’t properly wash it off at night. When you add the sweating you do in your sleep, with pressing your face into pillows for 8 hours, with the makeup you’ve had on since yesterday, then yes, your foundation might find its way into your pores.

Aside from having unique allergic reactions to specific ingredients, makeup is never bad, per se. In fact, regular application of makeup can provide your skin with needed moisturizing and SPF protection, not to mention some serious mental health benefits.

Myth #3 – "Removing hair makes it grow back thicker."

Plucking hair will not make hair grow back thicker.A single hair pore grows one single follicle, so shaving or waxing won’t magically make more than one hair grow from the same pore. Newly emerged hair feels rougher upon regrowth, but that doesn’t mean there’s more of it. If this were the case, then no one would have to deal with thinning hair.

There is a fairly rare condition called Pili Multigemini where hairs will split from the primary follicle, but it’s not as a result of removing the hair. If anything, plucking can help ease any inflammation or discomfort associated with the condition.

Myth #4 – "More is better when it comes to skincare."

Too many products can cause breakouts and irritation.Have you ever used an acne treatment and somehow gotten more breakouts as a result? Or used an exfoliator everyday only to get inflammation instead of the smooth glow you were promised? If so, then you’re not alone. Our overuse and constant changing of skincare products, especially drying ones, is destroying our skin’s natural balance.

Our skin likes to live within a tiny range on the pH balance scale. It’s slightly acidic and responds best to products that fall within the same general area (ideally between 4.5-5.5). However, a LOT of cleansers are incredibly alkaline and then become drying as a result. And when our skin gets too stripped away from cleansers and exfoliants, it fights back.

You might suddenly feel oily, and reach for an even harsher cleanser, but it’s your skin’s way to rebalance itself, so give it time. When pH gets unbalanced you can experience issues like acne, eczema, rosacea, and just general redness, dryness, and irritation. The permanent damage from unbalanced pH can also lead to thinning skin and wrinkles.

And even though they’re natural, at-home beauty treatments can be particularly destructive.  Common ingredients like lemon juice are too acidic; meanwhile baking soda is incredibly alkaline. (Not to mention the clogged pores you’ll get after slathering food like coconut oil on your face). If you’re having issues finding products that compliment your individual balance, pick up some pH testing strips, and then make sure your beauty products stay within that range.

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