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2020’s Big Bridal Trends

2020’s Big Bridal Trends

Beauty Looks This Year’s Brides Need to Know

If this is your year to get married, or if you’re part of a wedding party, you’re likely already thinking about what hair and makeup will best compliment your dress, your venue, and the whole vibe you’re going for.

Makeup Minimalism

Bridal minimalism with natural eyelash extensionsMinimalism is one beauty trend that’s completely taken over the bridal world this year. Brides everywhere are opting for a softer, more natural look than in years past. Instead of heavy contouring, consider embracing a barely-there face with a soft, rosy glow or subtle highlighter. Heavy lip color is also fading away in favor of more minimalistic nude glosses or light lip stains.

But going for a natural look means your skin needs to be at its absolute best. If you haven’t already, start improving your skin care routine today. This could mean getting a few facials, microneedling, or at the very least, switching to a better skincare regimen. No one wants to have a “fresh-faced” style if their face is looking anything but fresh.

If you’re interested in embracing the “natural look” trend, (but still want to look better than you actually do naturally) this is the perfect time to work in elegant, long lashes. If you’re not in the mood to wear eight coats of mascara on your big day, false lashes are an ideal choice. And while applying them the day of always works in a pinch, we recommend more natural looking, semi-permanent lashes instead. Get them before your big day and then you’ll get to enjoy this gorgeous, soft, and youthful look for all your bridal festivities in the weeks leading up to your wedding.

The best part about lash extensions is they allow you to opt out of so much of the heavier eye makeup that brides often wear while still looking completely stunning, both in person and on camera.

Hair Minimalism

And it’s not just bridal makeup that’s trending more minimal, many brides and bridesmaids will also be opting for a more natural hair look, too. If you’ve never loved the fussy, ultra-curled and primped bridal styles of the past, then this pared-down trend could be right for you.

Minimal Bridal Hair with Short BobModern brides are opting for simpler styles like low chignons, sleek center parts, and tousled waves. Another big change is that many brides are opting out of the updo entirely and cutting their hair instead. And though it’s basically been bridal gospel for as long as we can remember to grow your hair out before the wedding, or even to get extensions, the newest bridal trend is switching it up for shorter, textured cuts that hit between the chin and shoulders.

Styles in this length, particularly the beloved bob and lob, are amazing for showcasing everything from all the details of your dress to your cheekbones, all with a fun, feminine flair. Obviously, don’t wait until your wedding day to chop several inches off, be sure to do a cut in advance and account for how much your hair will grow before your wedding.

Let Loose and Accessorize

Bridal Hair with Braids and Accessories like flowers and jewelryAnd if you’re sticking with longer locks, but you’re not feeling the sleek and simple look, then more bohemian styles are also incredibly on trend, particularly incorporating braids. Work this classic, but contemporary trend in with braided crowns, twisted side braids, or a funky fishtail.

But what this year’s bridal hair may be missing in terms of elaborate style, it makes up for in statement hairpieces. Adding in extra touches like jeweled barrettes and hair combs, or even flowers (live or silk) are a modern and incredibly pretty trend you may want to take advantage of. Other fantastic hair accessories include padded decorative headbands and even statement bows.

Of course, what’s trendy may not be what matters to you at all. The real key is in capturing your personality and personal style in your beauty look. So, if something less “natural” like a bold scarlet or fuchsia lip, or a vampy purple smoky eye, or even some graphic white eyeliner is what you dream of, then absolutely go for it! No matter what, we want you to feel like your very best self on your wedding day.

Brides, don’t forget to schedule a trial! Bring in your inspiration pics, any hair accessories you have, and work out the hair and makeup kinks before the big day. Weddings are anxiety-inducing enough; you don’t need to be stressed wondering if your stylists will understand your vision.

If you’re in the Georgetown, TX area and you want to look your absolute best on your big day, set up a consult at Hot Blinks Beauty Bar. We’ll work together to plan your perfect beauty look, from hair and makeup styling, brow tinting, getting your skin ready, and of course, giving you lush lash extensions. Whatever your bridal vision, our experts are here to help!