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5 Psychological Benefits of Beauty

5 Psychological Benefits of Beauty

Treat yourself and your mental health

The world of beauty can be complicated. On one hand, appearance matters; we are judged by it every day and it can affect everything from how we’re treated to how much money we earn. However, those who actively care about their appearance can be deemed superficial or vain.

Not only is this way of thinking unfair, but it’s also just plain wrong. Caring about your physical beauty goes far beyond the surface and has multiple psychological benefits, too. That’s right, putting yourself together on the outside can help you feel more put together overall. Here are just a few ways that looking pretty can be pretty good for your mental health.


Probably the most obvious psychological benefit of beauty is the improvement in self esteem that having a good hair day or putting on makeup can bring. Knowing you look good can bring about a mental transformation where you feel more confident overall, leading you to take more risks, feel “socially powerful," and believe in yourself more. So, before you go in to ask for that raise, get a blowout or put on a shade of lipstick that makes you feel like a powerful goddess.

Personal Value

Women are often taught to place others' needs, physical and emotional, before our own. After a while, many of us don’t see ourselves as worthy of spending time or money to look our best and we lose our sense of selves as a result.

Moms are a great example of this. When taking care of a new baby, your beauty routines are often the first things that get left behind for time, but a lack of self care cuts into how we value our worth. Giving yourself some “me time," whether at the salon or just in performing a daily beauty ritual, can help you feel deserving of more in life and stop settling for less.

Sense of Control

The older we get the more we realize how many things are completely out of our control. This is one reason for the growing rates of anxiety and depression in American women, but one simple thing that we do control is how we choose to present ourselves.

Switching up your makeup choices or getting a bold hair change is a frequent way that we deal with some of life’s greatest challenges. And though we don’t recommend getting an impulsive cut the day of a breakup, making a daring (but well thought out) change can be an amazing way to feel liberated or gain back control you feel you’ve lost.

Healthy Rituals

Our brains love patterns and routines. It’s how we make sense of the world and each routine provides one less thing to worry about each day. Routines can also help calm us. The simple act of performing a routine like a skincare regimen or applying your morning makeup can help settle your mind.

Performing these daily rituals can even ease feelings of anxiety and depression. It gives us a sense of mastery and accomplishment, which can take away our focus from life’s other stressors. Taking a few mindful minutes each day to focus on your beauty routines is a fantastic way to center and refocus your entire self.

Ability to Disconnect

There’s a reason why salons and spas are so popular—it’s because just being able to shut our brains off and let someone else pamper us for a while is something we all need. Every element of salons from the deep scalp massages to ease your tensions to the almost therapist-like relationship many of us build with our favorite stylists is there to help us simply switch off.

We’ve long known the transformative abilities that looking good and feeling good can have, and it’s, honestly, why so many of us could never leave the beauty business. We know that there is nothing superficial about the improvement, inside and out, feeling beautiful can make.

If you’re in the Georgetown, TX, area and ready to start 2020 off with an external and internal change, contact us today! We’ll let you relax and get the “me time” we all need.