Hot Blinks Skincare Facials
organic skincare for every skin type
Microdermabrasion is considered one of the top solutions for uneven skin tones and scarring. A Microderm treatment paired with our organic skincare will minimize large pores, reduce the appearance of scars, brighten, and soften the skin.
acne facial
This anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial facial uses natural ingredients to effectively target acne. Our Sulphuric Exfoliator gently removes dead skin and soothes. While Ichthammol clay, derived 200 yards below the Earth's surface, draws out impurities and balances oil production.
brightening facial
The Cucumber & Parsley Oxygen Treatment is a calming, cooling, yet powerful tool to promote cellular reproduction and repair. Hungarian Paprika adds powerful healing effects and circulation. Finished with the natural protection of Black Currant. Cantaloupe, Elderberry, and Seabuckthorn, this facial combats environmental damage and balances skin tone.
Using two tupes of peptides, the Eco-Peptide Therapy Collection helps lock in moisture and repair damaged skin cells. while increasing collagen levels to boost skin elasticity. Paired with our powerful Yogurt peel, this facial works at a cellular level to help plump and reverse signs of aging. Add stimulation to the service with the optional Nettle & Algae Treatment to achieve even more collagen stimulating benefits.
While all of our facials can be adapted. our custom facial is tailored to fit your specific skincare needs. Combining multiple boosters, serums, treatments and masks, this facial is the ideal way to target multiple concerns at once or for those who just want to be extra pampered!
peel & polish
This Express facial tightens the pores with gentle fruit acids while refreshing the skin. This guick and effective facial removes dead skin, reduces wrinkles, balances skin tone, and gives your skin a power punch off nutrients that leave it smooth nourished, and hydrated. With no downtime, this facial is perfect for a night out, special occasio, or just because!