lash tinting

Professional lash tinting temporarily dyes your eyelashes and/or brows, achieving an around-the-clock flawless look of mascara or evenly-colored brows. We use a vegetable-based dye to minimize irritation around the sensitive eye area, and depending upon your lifestyle, tinting will last from 2 weeks to 1 month.

lash lifting

Lash lifts, also referred to as lash perms, are an alternative to eyelash extensions. The natural lashes are curled, eliminating the need for a lash curler. This service takes about 45 minutes and can be coupled with a lash tint for extra pop.

Please note:  lash lifts are best when done on long and healthy natural lashes. If you aren't certain on the condition of your natural lashes, pop into the salon for a consult!

lash & brow tinting/lash lift
full lash tinting $25
brow tinting $20
full brow & lash tinting $40
lash lift $70
lash lift & tinting $90