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Look and Feel Any Age

Look and Feel Any Age

Makeup and skincare tips to look healthy and confident at every age

There are no strict “rules” anymore. Hitting 40 doesn’t mean you’re obligated to get a short, boring haircut, becoming a mother doesn’t mark the end of a fun wardrobe, and there is no cut-off date for wearing black mascara or sporting bold lips. If there are things that help you feel your best, then you are under no obligation to change what you like just because you think you’re supposed to. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to enhance your appearance as you mature, and do it without hiding behind a wall of makeup.

We don’t want to look like we’re clinging to our youth; we want to look like ourselves, but well, better. So embrace the changes, but for a little more oomph, tweak your beauty routine so you can look and feel your absolute best at any point in life.

Skin Care is #1

If you don’t consistently care for your skin with a regular routine of cleansing, exfoliating, and (gentle) moisturizing, you’re frankly expecting makeup to do too much work. This often leads women to use too much makeup as a way to compensate, only to end up looking anything but fresh.

If you feel like your face isn’t responding to your regular skincare regimen anymore then look into products like serums or vitamin supplements. There are plenty of ways to stay looking luminous, and you shouldn’t give your healthy glow an expiration date.

Prime Time

Primer preps skin by creating a smooth base, which also extends the life of your makeup. When properly primed, you can look just as radiant after dinner as you do right after application. Even though you might need an extra cup (ok, several cups) of coffee to make it through your day, you face doesn’t need to betray your need for a secret caffeine addiction.

However, not every primer is the same, so always consider your skin type when choosing one. If you have naturally oily skin then a traditional primer may amplify your skin issues. And if you don’t have the time to bother with an extra step, then be sure to use a quality foundation with a primer included in the formula.

Time for makeup!

To start, lighter, mineral-based foundations are a fantastic way to enhance your face without smothering your skin. Too-thick applications and heavy powdering unnecessarily age everyone. Use damp sponges or foundation brushes and gently apply in an upward matter anywhere you want to create some visual lift. For extra definition, use bronzer and blush to subtly sculpt and enhance your facial structure. If over time you feel like your blush has started to make you look cakey, not dewy, then check out a cream formula for a smoother finish.

Open Wide

One of the absolute best ways to look brighter and better is to emphasize eyes and make them look bigger. Curl your lashes and keep eyeshadow and liner a bitter softer and well blended for everyday wear. Consider nixing under eye liner, which visually shrinks eyes, and ease off the all-over eyeshadow shimmer. What used to make your eyes pop can suddenly emphasize age lines. And while there is no real way to get rid of wrinkles once they’re there, we don’t need to pack them with glitter to draw extra attention.

If brows are thinned or have faded in color then gently fill them in to frame your face. And if your eyelashes aren’t what they once were, or you’ve just always wanted a more glamorous and healthier look, check out professional eyelash extensions.

Pucker up

Your lips change a lot through life, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still look good at any age. Just like skin care, maintenance is so important. Keep them regularly exfoliated and moisturized for a smooth base and take care of pesky receding lines or asymmetry with a lip liner. For everyday use pick a liner that’s close to your natural lip color, but just a little warmer and better. And don’t be afraid of color, a bold red is a great way to create contrast and brightness between facial features.

Extra tips

Keep your teeth white – I know that coffee makes it hard, but studies do show that we connect white teeth with health, youth, and attractiveness.

Always wear that SPF!  Here in Texas the sun is out throughout the year and its rays can easily damage even the most cared for skin without the proper protection.

Don’t be afraid to change up your routine  What worked at 20 probably won’t work at 50, but that should never discourage you from trying to look and feel your best. If what you’ve always done just isn’t having the same effect, then try new products or application techniques. Don’t worry about the trends, just focus on looking like an even better and more confident version of yourself.

If you’re around the Georgetown, Texas area and you’re interested in getting even more personal recommendations then contact us at Hot Blinks today. We can even set up a relaxed, fun, one-on-one makeup session to help you feel empowered and emboldened to try something new.