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Hair Trends to Try for Your Holiday Parties

Hair Trends to Try for Your Holiday Parties

We’re already into the holiday season and as all the events quickly fill your calendar you might be a little panicked and wondering what to wear and how to style your hair and makeup for everything. We always want everyone to look and feel their best, whether it’s at your company Christmas party, a swanky New Year's shindig, festive dinners out, or even that ugly sweater party (the sweater should look wretched, not you). Last month, we talked about fun holiday makeup trends to try out for these events and now we’ll dig into what on-trend hair looks you might want to play with this holiday season.

Curly, Wavy Hair for Holiday Parties

The bigger the hair…

So maybe it’s our Texan roots, but we are thrilled to see the returning love for volume and texture. Put that flat iron away for a while, because curls and waves are in and enhancing so many styles.  From long beachy waves with a 60s vibe to feisty bobs and lobs, added volume and texture adds a new, cool element to classic styles. Big hair is fun hair, and the holidays are a time to be anything but serious.

Pair tighter curls with above the shoulder cuts and gloriously tousle them for statement volume with a modern edge, or take your bob and go classic Hollywood with a deep side part and sultry va-va-voom waves paired with a bold lip.

Unexpected Updos like a sleek high pony are great for the holidays.

Unexpected Updos

People often avoid getting an updo because they think it’s stodgy, but they can be so playful. For the 2019/2020 holiday season, polished high ponies and high half-ponies are drawing a lot of attention, and for good reason. Celebs everywhere have been showing them off at events, but it’s still an approachable and exuberant style that anyone can rock. We also love the braid trend, especially the always visually-impressive fishtail braid, whether on its own or as an accent to a low pony or windswept waves.  

One of the reasons why overly complex updos have lost traction lately is because fun hair accessories are so big right now. Hair clips, pins, and headbands with jewels or pearls or even ribbons with a velvet finish have become like ornaments for the hair, so you’ll want to showcase your statement accessories, not bury them under a nest. And hair accessories aren’t just great in updos; the wavy bob with a deep side part looks particularly glamorous with an addition of your favorite bedazzled barrettes.

Captivating Cuts and Color

If you’re in the mood for a big change leading up to your holiday events, then maybe it’s time to mix things up and go beyond just styling. As we mentioned before, shorter bob styles are so modern and fresh right now, and the reason why the bob always comes back en vogue is because there’s a version that can work for every face shape and hair type.

However, if you’re not ready to cut everything, then this is a fantastic time to give bangs a try. Heavy curtain bangs are huge right now (and they almost universally make everyone look more youthful), though if you have natural curls have no fear, curled bangs are also incredibly on trend.

For color, the trends are anything but demure. If staying with natural colors, then a balayage with tones in the mocha, mahogany, and caramel families are always stunning, but it’s the playful pastels that are catching the most eyes. Unexpected colors, especially pinks and purples, used to be reserved solely for rockstars, but we can’t think of any better way to truly make a statement than to walk (ok, strut) in with blush pink locks at your Christmas party (bonus points if paired with dramatic lash extensions and a check-me-out sequin dress).

Not sure which style will work best for your holiday events? Reserve a styling session at Hot Blinks and we’ll take a holistic approach to making your hair the absolute best it can be. We start with ensuring maximum health and work with you to create your ideal cut and color.

Erica Serrano

Our Newest Stylist

Our books are already filling up quickly for the holidays, but luckily we’ve got a new stylist, Erica Serrano, to help provide our Georgetown customers the approachable luxury they’ve come to expect.

Erica was born and raised in Austin, TX, but it’s Georgetown that’s stolen her heart and become her “hair home." She’s been working in salons since she was 16 and loves it so much that she can’t imagine doing anything else. Erica specializes in cut and color and firmly believes in constantly continuing her education and keeping up on the latest trends.

So this holiday season, whether you bring in inspiration photos, your favorite glam hair accessories, or simply want us to take the reins and customize a look perfect for your hair type and face shape, you’ll leave feeling radiant and confident. And don’t worry if you need more than just hair help, our expert team can work with you on everything needed to complete your look from eyebrows and lashes to a professional makeup application.

For an appointment with Erica or any of our other incredible stylists, contact us and reserve your spot today!